The Cocktail Cart is a mobile bar that offers a luxurious experience, bringing cocktails to any special event and occasion.

You will get to choose your favourite 4 cocktails from our delicious menu, we will then pre-mix them into our kegs and serve them from our luxurious mobile Cocktail Cart.

The Cocktail Cart is compact and can be set up anywhere, from your private house, to the hill that overlooks the ocean.

So, let the Cocktail Cart bring something magical and unforgettable to your next event!



May 9, 2020

Photo Credit: Lara Connors Photography

Creativity knows no bounds and this mobile bar is becoming the talk of the town.

You choose the backdrop and a swanky cart with an exclusive range of sinfully uplifting spirits will be set up to offer an exclusive experience.

Sometimes a random idea, casually thrown out to friends can become a turning point of your life. Dorothy is a Hamilton (New Zealand) resident who once during a conversation with friends shared how she wanted to have a set up like Mr Whippy (ice cream van) but for adults replacing ice cream with cocktails. The joke was taken rather seriously by her friends and they encouraged her to JUST GO FOR IT!

Dorothy and her partner Jason run this absolutely cool cart and make sure their customers are offered an incredible experience.
Dorothy and her partner Jason run this absolutely cool cart and make sure their customers are offered an incredible experience.

The cart is compact with aesthetics to make any event enigmatically fancy. Be it a private house or a scenic spot overlooking a hill or ocean, The Cocktail Cart is a go-to bar for weddings, events, birthdays, promotions/launch parties, corporate events and basically a versatile pick for any occasion.

The most exciting part is that the proud owners of the cart love to road trip and travel all around North Island of New Zealand.



These are just a sample of the cocktails that we have.

As the Cocktails are made up in kegs, we can create any cocktail that your heart desires!

(Each cocktail is served as a double which is equivalent to, two standard drinks)


All Cocktail Cart Packages include;

The luxurious Cocktail Cart for up to four hours  ($150 per hour thereafter)

½ hour set up

Two friendly bar staff

Your choice of four cocktails

Custom Cocktail Cart Glassware



Eco friendly straws

½ hour pack down

Alcohol Inclusive Packages

(This includes a special liquor licence, minimum of 6 weeks for a council application)

100 Cocktails


(Recommended 30-40 guests)

200 Cocktails


(Recommended 50-70 guests)

300 Cocktails


(Recommended 80-100 guests)

400 Cocktails


(Recommended 120-150 guests) 

All Prices exclude GST

Alcohol Exclusive Packages

(You supply the alcohol for the cocktails, we will give you the amounts needed for each recipe )

Set price


+$2.50 per cocktail

All Prices Exclude GST

Customise Packages

If you can’t find the right package, we will work with you to create the perfect package for your event

We can also offer beer and wine service at an additional cost  

We love road trips and The Cocktail Cart is happy to travel around NZ!!

Please note that there will be an additional travel expense for any bookings outside the Hamilton region.